Microsoft Expected to Uncrate Office 15 (Codename Mondo) Today

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Microsoft is holding an invitation-only press event in San Francisco today at which it is expected to debut the next version of its Office productivity suite. Hosted by CEO Steve Ballmer, the event kicks off at noon PT. And while Microsoft hasn’t revealed its topic, sources familiar with the company’s plans say it is indeed Office 15 or “Office 2013″, a tablet-ready, next-generation productivity suite designed for Windows 8.

Microsoft has been talking about the latest upcoming version of the Office app suite, and even showed it off months ago in a technical preview for a limited number of people, but it’s been pretty vague on actual details when it comes to the public eye. Now though, there seems to be a little more known about it, even though it hasn’t been announced by Microsoft personally.

To recap, the new Office is expected to update servers, cloud services and mobile and PC clients as it will be running on the upcoming Windows 8 OS. Windows 8 will not only be compatible with desktops and laptops, but also with mobile devices like smartphones, eliminating the need for the separate Windows Phone mobile OS. Other platforms such as Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange and Visio will be supported by this new Office as well, which Microsoft claims will help users work and collaborate better than before.

Chinese site cnBeta has recently discovered that the name of the suite wont be Office 15 as per the company’s previous statements, but instead follow the current naming trend of using a year, making it Office 2013. Another site, Ars Technica, also says that the ARM-based version will be called Office 2013 RT. Interestingly, previous builds were named after the year they were released, which count point to a 2013 launch. However, some are saying that the new build will arrive at roughly the same time as Windows officially launches Windows 8.

Certain reports have also posted images of how different its apps will be compared to the current version, Office 2010. The user interface looks more streamlined and easier on the eyes with just the colors blue and white, and the icons are larger and easier to tell apart. The logo itself is also different, featuring principles from the Metro design language, and the typical four “windows” have been replaced by a single dark orange one before the word “Office”. However, this logo is said to be just for the upcoming preview, and the real logo for the actual finished suite will be the blue Metro one with the four solid squares.

The official beta of the upcoming Office will be during the summer, most likely later this month, while Windows 8 itself is expected to arrive later this year, with some saying that there could be a launch party in October.

Rumors say that Microsoft Office 2013 includes modifications to PDF:

Edit PDF content in Word

With Word 2013, you can convert a PDF document into a Word document and edit the content.

To convert a PDF, you open it like you would any other document.

Click  File  >  Open  >  Browse .
Find the PDF and click  Open .
The converted document might not have a perfect page to page correspondence with the original. The conversion works best with mostly textual documents.

In addition, in Microsoft Word 2013 will optimize the read mode, including reading in Microsoft Word 2013 in Word documents and PDF files.
In addition, Microsoft Word 2013 to read mode, the user is more you can bookmark.
Microsoft Word 2013 in a significant improvement in reading function, coupled with support to read and modify the function of the PDF, it is a considerable threat for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. In addition, according to the sources pointed out, Microsoft has completed the first Beta version of Office 2013's

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