Government may discontinue Aakash tablet, defects found

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Articles India's dream of writing a success story with the debutant, low-cost tablet, Aakash, may be on its way out. According to an India Today report, the Union Human Resource Development (HRD) is now having second thoughts about giving the letter of credit (LC) to Datawind, after it began receiving a volley of complaints from the user community, who stated that the device was riddled with defects. Several are already on their way to dumping it, too. So, while the government is toying around with the idea of dumping these defected devices to the rural villages, talks about shelving the entire project, too have been popping up. 

Delighted students at the launch of the Aakash tablet in New Delhi, last month
The report also points to the fact that the tablet may get shelved, owing to the bad performance; if not that, Mukesh Ambani-led RIL would possibly join forces with Datawind to launch 4G services in India. Whatever the case may be, the run of the Aakash tablet in India is surely going through a rough patch, with it's future looking bleak.

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