G+7 Adds Google+ To Your Windows Desktop

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Windows 7: If you love Google+ but wish you could access your stream on the desktop, G+7is a 
Windows 7 gadget that sits on your desktop and gives you access to your stream, complete with links, images, and the ability to open them quickly if you see something interesting.
Similar to previously mentioned Tab for Google+, once you're logged in, the app will keep your stream up to date at all times. Since the utility is a gadget, you can move it around the desktop so it lives anywhere you want. If you see a post or item in your stream that you'd like to read, you can click it to open it in a mini-browser off to the side, and then click again to bring it up in your default browser.

G+7 is just one of many utilities meant to make Google+ more accessible and easier to stay connected with. It's free, and supports Windows 7 only.

  • G+7 | Kalamon Software

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