Infographic: Positive Windows 8 Reaction Visualized

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Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 to the world earlier this month and one company was waiting in the wings to measure people’s reactions.

Social media firm MashWork created an infographic based on what people were saying about Windows 8 after it was revealed earlier this year. Half of all tweets favored Windows 8′s Metro style design compared to Apple’s iOS software and Google’s Android operating system. MashWork collated 65,968 messages shared on Twitter between June 15 and September 22. Around 42% of the messages were collected during Microsoft’s BUILD developers conference earlier this month. MashWork analyzed all the tweets and figured out that Xbox LIVE integration on Windows 8, a Windows App Store and fast boot times in Windows 8 were amongst the most talked about features.

“The most interesting thing I found was that people were so receptive to Windows 8 on a tablet,” said MashWork founder Jared Feldman, in an interview with VentureBeat this week. “A lot of times when you get very well-educated people, who know all the products on the market, they evaluate new things and immediately start hating and ripping it apart.” MashWork found that Windows 8 seems to have appealed to most Twitter fans. “What we found for the most part was that people are genuinely excited about Windows on a tablet — so much so that we actually have developer clients who are using this infographic to drum up excitement for Windows 8 before getting their hands on a developer kit to create apps (for the new platform),” Feldman added.

The visualized excitement over Windows 8 builds on the impressive unveiling of Windows 8. Microsoft managed to keep the majority of Windows 8 features relatively secret. Windows 8 offers a reimagined Windows experience with Microsoft’s Metro style user interface. Microsoft is expected to deliver a beta copy of the operating system at CES 2012.

Windows 8 Infographic

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