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Until now the only option for web search was typing or speaking but now you can search by taking a picture.
For all those who do not know yet, Google Goggles is a virtual search application for Android and iOS.
So when and where are we going to use this application ?
Well there must be times when seeing a landmark you should have  wondered if you know what this landmark is or knowing details about an artwork by just seeing it is not at all easy until and unless you are an art-lover.Searching them by typing random words is not just a good option.

Now with Google Goggles all you need to do is just open the app,fill as much of the screen as possible with the object and take a picture.

Here is what you get.You just captured the landmark in Google Goggles and it do the rest for you.It even shows all the related information links about the landmark.

Here Google Goggles figured out not just the title of this artistic piece but also its history and all other related links too.

Wine Bottles
Oh see what we got here. Google goggles identifies the wine bottles too.

Here you got exact book match without typing or saying a word.


Google Goggles identifies almost all logos and tells its brand or company name. Well it can also help you for cheating in a logo quiz.

Business Card

Another good use of this app is on a business card. You can easily save the contact number or copy the whole information.

Translating Text
When traveling places where you do not know the language,Google Goggles can translate text for you.

Bar-code Scanner
Surprisingly Google Goggles works amazing as a bar-code scanner too.As you can see in the picture above.

Though Google Goggles is a really cool and helpful app but virtual search technology is still in its early stage.
As for now it only searches things like landmarks,logos,books,contact, bar-codes.

But for now it can not search food,plants,animals,cars.

If this technology advances it will be able to do more cool things like filling answers of Sudoku,solving puzzles,suggesting move in chess game or taking picture of leaf and identify the plant.

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