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Some folks mistakenly think that as soon as they publish their Web site, the world will beat a path to their cyber- door. Unfortunately, getting web surfers to visit your site isn't quite that easy! registering your Website with a bunch of search engines makes it easier for people actively hunting for your site to find you on the Web.But to attract visitors on your site who already do not know who you are and what your site is all about,you must do more than just submit your site to search engines : you must publicize your site. 

Understanding Search Services

Registering your site with search services such as Yahoo! and Google,is the first step for any successful site publicity campaign.To make the most of your search service listing,however you need to make sure that you code your HTML properly - before you submit your site.

Over the last few years, the number of websites has mushroomed to titanic proportions, and search services have reacted by merging with one another and by tweaking the way they examine site submissions.The result? These days,submitting to site services has become both art and science - especially for those hoping to win a coveted high ranking.

Despite all these changes, the following are still three most important things you can do to help search services classify your site properly,in order of importance :

1. Specify a descriptive page title :

Search services first examine the title of your Web page.(By title i mean the text you place between beginning and ending HTML <TITLE> tags, and which appears in the browser window's title bar when your page is loaded.)

2. Include appropriate page content :

After the title, search services look at the text that appears on your webpage.

3. Add meaningful HTML meta tags :

Finally search services scan special HTML tags,called meta tags, to decide how to classify your site.

Although submitting your site to many search services is still free,more and more search services are beginning to charge a fee for listing your Website.

Going Beyond Search Services

Getting your site listed with search services is great first step in any site publicity plan. If you really want to pull in visitors though, you will have to do more.Two of the best ways to publicize your site are :

1. Getting other people to link to your site from theirs.

  • Research the web and come up with sites that are similar in content to yours.
  • Send a note to each site requesting a link.

2. Advertising your site.

  • Add your domain name to your e-mail signature.
  • Participate in newsgroups,lists and chats.

Using Site Statistics

If you are serious about reaching readers with a Website, you need to know what are site statistics and how to use them.

Site statistic software sits on the same web server your Website files sit on.

Every time a reader loads or interacts with your Webpage,statistic software logs the interaction. 

The kinds of statistics typically logged include :

  1.  How many hits each page of your site gets, and when.
  2.  Which site referred the visitor to your site.
  3.  How many times surfers tried to view your site, but couldn't (and why).
  4.  What country your site visitors are from.
  5.  Which make and model of browser surfers are using to view your site.

    Accessing Site Statistics :

    Site statistic software must be installed on a Web-server; it doesn't work if its installed on your computer. The company that hosts your Web site controls which statistics package you have access to and how you access it.

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