Microsoft removes references to Zune HD “by mistake”

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Microsoft updated its Zune pages on Monday to remove references to its Zune HD device.

The software giant removed all traces of the Zune HD device on its Zune Music Pass pages on Monday. Microsoft urges consumers to use the following devices for Zune Music Pass:

On your PC
With a Zune Music Pass, you’ll be amazed as you discover, stream, and download more and more music on your PC.
On your Windows Phone
A Zune Music Pass is the ultimate access to entertainment. Get unlimited music and take it with you on your Windows Phone.
On your Xbox 360
A Zune Music Pass makes the entertainment experience extraordinary on your Xbox 360 with unlimited music streaming.
However, Microsoft Zune team member Michael Yaeger revealed that the Zune HD device removals were a mistake. “Zune HD product page is still on Zune.net – publishing mishap when we pushed out the CA work,” wrote Yaeger in a Twitter message on Monday.

The move follows the death of Microsoft’s Zune originals devices earlier this year. The company urged consumers to purchase a Windows Phone 7 device for the Zune experience. “See how Windows Phone isn’t just a phone,it’s also a great Zune music and video player!”, said the final part of Microsoft’s message confirming the axe. A learn more button at the bottom of the page pushed users to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 site.

Microsoft recently confirmed that it is working to port Zune HD applications to Windows Phone. Former Zune senior business development manager Dave McLauchlan revealed the company’s plans in a recent Zune Insider podcast. Zune has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Microsoft was forced to confirm it is not “killing” any Zune services after it was revealed that the company plans to rebrand Zune into Windows Live shortly.

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