Google and Microsoft get behind Anti-Phishing Start-Up

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 // by Saurabh Sharma // Labels: , , , //

NEWS The major web-based email providers are joining forces with an anti-fraud start-up, which is launching on Wednesday, to keep phishing messages out of people's inboxes.

From a Report from ZDnet:
Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL are providing metadata from messages that get delivered to their customers to Palo Alto, California-based Agari so it can look for patterns that indicate phishing attacks. Agari collects data from about 1.5 billion messages a day and analyses them in a cloud-based infrastructure, according to the company's chief executive Patrick Peterson.

Agari aggregates and analyses the data and provides it to about 50 e-commerce, financial services and social-network customers, including Facebook and YouSendIt, who can then push out authentication policies to the email providers when they see an attack is happening.

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