How to Set Up Your Website or Blog with Facebook Insights for Domains

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Developers In this article, I’ll show you how to access Facebook Insights for Domains to learn how people are interacting with your website’s or blog’s content.
Once you have added Facebook Social Plugins to your website, such as the Like Button or Comments Box, you’ll want to know how users are interacting with these Social Plugins.
Facebook Insights for Domains, according to Facebook:

… offers a consolidated view of key metrics for any website, even those that have not implemented Facebook Platform. For example, if a user links to your site in their Facebook status message, that data is included in the analytics for your domain. You can access sharing metrics and demographic information per domain and per URL so you can optimize your content for sharing and better tailor your content to your audience.

Facebook has been continually improving Insights over the past year and you will definitely want access to the data it offers.
Facebook Insights for Domains — Prerequisites

To use Facebook Insights for Domains, you must first:
  • Create a Facebook application associated with your website or blog, so that your website or blog becomes an “object” in the Open Graph.
  • Add the appropriate Open Graph meta tags to your Web page.
  • Add Like Buttons or other Social Plugins to your website.
Here are several tutorials to help you do this:

Step 1: Claim your Domain

To see Insights for your website or blog, you must claim your domain by associating it with a Facebook page or app that you manage, or with your Facebook user account.
Here is the drill:
Log in to your Facebook account.
Go to the Facebook Insights page. Because you are logged in, you will see the Websites and Apps for which you already have Insights.
To add a website or blog, click the green “Insights for your Domain” button in the top right corner.

You will see this popup dialog:

Domain: Enter the domain for which you want to gain access to Insights. (You don’t need “http://www.”, just “your-domain.com”.)
Link With: In the pulldown list, besides your Facebook account, are all the websites and Fan Pages for which you’re indicated as an owner of the Web page (in the meta tags) or admin of the Fan Page. You have 3 options here:
(You): If you want to be the only one with access to this domain’s Insights, select this option;
Website, Fan Page or Facebook App: If you want to have more than one Facebook account have access to the domain’s Insights, select from the pulldown list of Fan Pages or Facebook Apps you admin, or websites for which you’ve created a Facebook App (See this tutorial on how to create a Facebook App) and are an admin. Whether you choose an App or a Facebook Page, all admins of the Facebook App or Fan Page will have access to the Insights for the domain you’re adding;
The <meta property="" content="" /> tag generated after you make your “Link With” selection should be present in the <head> tags of any Web page for which you want Insights.
Depending on what you choose to link with, the meta tag content will be either your Facebook User ID, the Fan Page ID, or the website App ID.
If you get this error dialog after clicking the “Get Insights” button…

it’s because you haven’t added the appropriate Facebook meta tags to the home page of your website to prove ownership of the domain.
Make sure you paste the generated <meta property="" content="" /> tag into the <head> of your home page, as well as any other pages you want to appear in Insights.
Now you can start using Insights!
If you get into any trouble just drop your issues in comments.

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